Sony Collaborate With Intel For Launches PlayStation 4

Anything new coming from the Sony, which reportedly is now working with the Intel. Both are collaborating to launch the Nintendo Wii console next generation. Sony itself is now busily engaged in the design of the PlayStation 4.

When Sony first-party PS3 launch, the company said that the console games will be about ten years old. It seems, however, the developers do not mind thinking ahead and are now experimenting with new designs next-generation game machine.

Sony alleged party is planning to design a party based on Intel's future Larrabee will launch with an integrated processor with graphics, but this time the Intel itself was delaying the launch of processornya. This likely means that Larrabee processor will not be able to compete with AMD's latest processor and graphics from NVIDIA. It was said that the Sony is considering the draft designs based on multi-core CPUs.

Manufacturers of these consoles are now seeing some of the designs of the Cell architecture, which is used in the PlayStation 3. This architecture is more difficult to apply in future implementations, which may have contributed to the PlayStation 3 which has made the company lose money for every PS3 console sold Slim.

Not yet clear when the PS4 would be out but it looks like the Sony itself will be more careful in designing the new console.
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Bagoevix said...

What's up !! Lam knal aj

ihsan mufthi said...

jadi s 4 mu keluar yakz???
bingung gak ngerti gan

den-adnan said...

harnganya mahal gak ya sob...

Ardiawan.com said...

bentuknya seperti nintendo WII ya sob?

Salam kenal

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