Profil JKT48

JKT48 ( baca : jekeiti fourty eight ) yaitu sesuatu grup idola ( idol group ) yang dibentuk oleh produser sekalian pencipta lagu yang telah amat populer di jepang, akimoto yasushi. akimoto yaitu produser dari 48 family yang beranggotakan grup idola akb48 ( akihabara, tokyo ), nmb48 ( namba, osaka ), ske48 ( sakae, nagoya ), hkt48 ( hakata, fukuoka ), serta sister group pertama di luar jepang yakni JKT48 ( jakarta, indonesia ). th. 2012 ini 48 family akan membentuk overseas sister group yang lain, yakni tpe48 ( taipei, taiwan ) serta snh48 ( shanghai, cina ). semua bagian 48 family berbasis idol group dan banyak Disukai
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Tips To Build Your Own Gaming Pc

If you are into PC games but hesitant to spend much on improving the tech specifications of your existing PC, then you should consider these tips to build gaming computer. In fact, you can get very good, high-performance, value-for-money PC if you invest in the right parts. To build your own PC, all you need is a budget, basic computer knowledge, and some free time. This can also be a fun and satisfying project to do.
Firstly, you got to choose the components that you need. To do this, you need some computer hardware knowledge. For example, you need to know the difference between basic hardware and those meant for gaming. For gaming purposes, some components are especially important; CPU, motherboard, video card, hard, drive, and memory. Besides that, PC for game should be equipped with good monitor, gaming keyboard, and gaming mouse. You can also opt to boost the sound card and you may want to consider an extra CPU cooler (PC heats up very quickly when playing games).
You can buy these parts at the local PC hardware shops or online. Usually, they are sold second hand but you can always buy brand new parts for optimal performance. Of course, the cost for brand new parts can be costly. When you build gaming computer, also consider the options of being able to upgrade your current PC performance. There are always new technology coming up and you may need faster performance for future games. Bear in mind also that different games have different system requirements. Make sure that you researched the component options thoroughly before choosing.
Basically, you save money and gain invaluable experience when you build gaming computer. Not to mention you'll have a PC catered specifically to meet your gaming needs. Before you start, remember to do thorough research on the different component options to secure the best deal. You can also find many tips to build gaming computer online.
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Keyboard Mouse could be from the Water MSI Keyboard

MSI introduces a new product that is Air Keyboard (formerly Cideko's Air keyboard) which merpuakan keyboard and mouse combination suitable for nettop or HTPC (home theater pc).This product is actually a wireless keyboard (without cable) that can be used as a mouse by moving the keyboard device itself. This is possible because the keyboard is complemented by accelerometer/3D motion sensor mouse.
In addition this product has a lot of multimedia keys and ergonomic design that can be used with ease. This product is offered at a price of 110 USD.

source : beritateknologi.com
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Blackberry Magnum

News presence BlackBerry Magnum did not become something new again today. And along with that, it was thought that says that the figure is the BlackBerry Magnum would be the first BlackBerry device that carries a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen at the joint

In May 2009 the past, the news presence of the BlackBerry device is encrypted name of the Magnum is the middle was widely-santernya sound. However, at that time was not too much information about the specifications of supply and the mere mention of the device smartphone is supported by CPU 624MHz (which is similar like the one on the BlackBerry Bold 9700), GPS receiver, 3G network with HSDPA and Wi-Fi.

Display screen BlackBerry Magnum (aka Dakota) is said to be resolution HVGA and sail touch what has been promised. This feature will use the technology PIEZO-elektric like the one on the BlackBerry Storm2. With this technology, would reduce dependence on the use of fingers.

The presence of the BlackBerry Magnum This may be as filling the gap between the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm/Storm2. Packaging full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen looks pretty promising. But unfortunately, so far about the availability and the price seems not officially be announced. Then how gait BlackBerry Magnum next? Well, we'll see about that
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Apple iPad

Wow, after rumors circulated here and there, a controversial device that shook the world of technology in the world has officially appeared on the site Apple.com / ipad. The device is slim, sexy tablets (only 0.5 inch thick) that staying will be the successor device Apple Ipod hype is finally launched. Tablet device is officially named Apple iPad and sale prices start from 499 USD or 5 million dollars. You can read and send email using this widescreen iPad, import photos from your Mac, PC or digital camera, and organize and display them in albums using iPad an elegant slideshow. You can also see the movie, Youtube in HD viewing and reading the ebook can be downloaded from Apple iBookstore while listening to music. Here are the features and specifications of Apple iPad:

- It weighs 1.5 pounds with a screen 9.7-inch multitouch capacitive touchscreen LED is equipped Apple 1GHz processor Apple "A4" chip made by the PA Semi.

- Battery lasting for 10 hours with a 1-month standby. We can choose iPad memory 16, 32 or 64 Gb.

There connector 30-pin Dock, speaker, microphone, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi and optional 3G. And there is an accelerometer and a compass. There are also keyboard dock that can plug it in portrait position.
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New notebook Sony VAIO W & Sony VAIO Y Save Energy & Affordable Price

There is good news for those of you who are want to buy a notebook, post it in this time G-jet's wish to provide information about the latest notebook vaio energy efficient at an affordable price .Who does not feel proud if I could have an elegant design class laptops Sony VAIO. Indeed output VAIO laptop for those who want more glamorous style and daring to pay more for a value the beauty of a well-known products.

This time Sony wants to introduce the latest series of VAIO laptops that use the W Pine Trail Atom processor and also the use of Y VAIO CULV processor or that had been known as a power-saving technology. Both are an environmentally friendly laptop for her own chasing manufactured from recycled plastic.

For laptops VAIO W series is bundled with an Intel Atom N450 Processor speed 1.66GHz, 1GB RAM and the GMA 3150 graphics. The laptop has a 250GB hard drive capacity and multi-in-1 card reader slot. Laptop-sized 10.1 inch screen has a resolution of 1366 × 768 LED-backlit.
As for VAIO laptop series Y CULV processor equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300-speed 1.3GHz, 4GB RAM and a GMA 4500MHD graphics with added HDMI output. Laptop-sized 13.3 inch screen and has a resolution of 1366 × 768 has a storage capacity up to 500GB.

Both VAIO VAIO W and Y are also equipped with MOTION EYE webcam, ExpressCard/34 slot, Electro-static touchpad and SD and Memory Stick slot. Both were able to connect directly to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, for the laptop model VAIO W series is supported by Verizon Mobile Broadband.

W VAIO laptop is available with a choice arna Berry Pink, Navy Blue and White Sugar, in which W VAIO laptop is marketed with price range around 449.99 USD, or approximately 4.5 million dollars. Whereas for Y VAIO laptop is available only in black color only with price range around 799.99 USD, or about 8 million dollars.

Source : www.beritateknologi.com

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Samsung Galaxy Portal i5700 cheap but full feature

Samsung has just launched a new handset that runs under the Android operating system in the UK. Artificial latest Samsung handset, named after the Portal Galaxy. And for broadening the availability and marketing in the UK, Samsung also has appointed T-Mobile UK as its partner.

Earlier this new phone also has launched and is available outside the UK with the name Galaxy Spica Samsung i5700. The phone is equipped with the Android 1.5 will soon get a renewal for the newer flavors of the existence of operating system.

With a thickness of 13.2mm, this phone offers a 3.2 inch touch screen and also includes many connectivity options. Among these capabilities, available network support quad-band GSM, HSDPA option, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi.

Galaxy Portal Samsung i5700 comes with a built-in GPS receiver, 180MB of internal memory, and with a microSD memory card slot for additional storage space (a 1GB microSD card is also included). A 3.5mm headphone jack present, as well as a media player with video support for MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV, and DivX. Galaxy Portal Samsung i5700 also features 3.2 megapixels, the existence of a battery that can last up to five hours of talk time, and great features, such as a built-in browser screen.

According to Mark Mitchinson who currently serves as vice president for Samsung UK and Ireland region revealed that the presence of Samsung's latest mobile phone has been in accordance with Samsung's commitment and strategy to meet the needs of a large number of users on a variety of existing handsets. Samsung Galaxy Portal will provide the benefits of Android platform to consumers, including various options for innovative applications download, multi-tasking with applications running in parallel and pre-install Google services as well as affordable prices.

T-Mobile UK will have a new phone from Samsung based Android available exclusively for the next month, and it seems the model Galaxy black Portal will be available exclusively at T-Mobile for three months. This one handset available free with registration fees of about 18 GBP or 275 thousand dollars per month and Combi tariffs by 70 GBP, or approximately 1.07 million dollars but this price if prices in the UK, how much it costs in Indonesia???

Source : www.beritateknologi.com

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Download software mp3 directcut and ringtone Upin & ipin Free!!

g-jet will now provide the software for free-cutting song, the name of the software is mp3 directcut. mp3 directcut very easy to use to cut the song or mp3, for those who want to make a ringtone from a favorite song, could use this software. The way you live cut of the song and it took part reff course. Be personal ringtone for your favorite phone. Please download the software free at this. besides this software I also have some ringtone upin and ipin. upin & ipin ringtone now used by so many good people's kids to teens and even parents. so for those of you who do not have a ringtone upin & ipin please download. FREE!!

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The Sims 3 PC Game Sales Dominance In the year 2009 then

You like to play the game The Sims? Have you tried the game Sims 3? Game is indeed quite interesting for those who love adventure in the real world because that theme of this game is like a human life in general where there is a ritual of eating, school, work and so on. You also can design your dream home through this game.

NPD Group recently has released statistics for the PC videogame sales in the United States in 2009 yesterday. From the results of this research itself shows that The Sims 3 was made by Maxis and published by EA sold more dibandingkangame World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

The result was somewhat surprising, but if we look at World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO game in the world, which a lot of game for fans. Overall, the PC videogame market shrunk by 23 percent during the year 2009, the following is also a gaming console market is also down 11 percent.

Of course, digital sales are not calculated from statistical tables and services such as Steam, Impulse, GamersGate, Direct2Drive and Good Old Games really shows the PC game sales will continue to fall.

With The Sims 3 and Wrath of the Lich King can take two main positions the PC game sales levels. As for his own position was also occupied three of The Sims 2: Double Deluxe. Now, for the fourth and fifth position occupied by World of Warcraft Battle Chest and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The original version of World of Warcraft itself can only occupy the sixth position. The next position followed by Spore, Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare, Empire: Total War. About the year 2010 will be dominated game apa yah? Hmmm, we'll see.
Source : www.beritateknologi.com
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CyberPower Introduces Black Mamba The New Game Console

With the increasing demand on the system that brought a lot of game play in circulation today, demanding the manufacturers to create devices that have been adapted to existing gaming devices. In line with that many emerging-quality hardware that is reserved for game play there.

Addressing these pekembangan, CyberPower has recently introduced a new model of the device Fang series known as the Black Mamba. Tool machine game play has chasing Obsidian Corsair 800D with frame construction made of steel resistant to all circumstances. This device is supported by an Intel Core i7-975 Extreme Edition 3.33GHz, Liquid Cooling ATI Radeon 5870 1GB DDR5 PCIe Video Card and RAM capacity of 6GB.

Black Mamba is equipped with a 2TB capacity hard drives and a dual 64MB SSD and Blu-ray player and SuperMulti DVD burner. This device comes with a set of keyboard / mouse Razer Lycosa and Lachesis and 12 card readers in it. Multiple graphics cards that are optional can be added also.

About being in the market, the device is Black Mamba CyberPower dibandrol for 3779 USD or approximately 37.8 million per unit.

Source : BeritaTeknologi.com
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