Blackberry Magnum

News presence BlackBerry Magnum did not become something new again today. And along with that, it was thought that says that the figure is the BlackBerry Magnum would be the first BlackBerry device that carries a QWERTY keyboard and touch screen at the joint

In May 2009 the past, the news presence of the BlackBerry device is encrypted name of the Magnum is the middle was widely-santernya sound. However, at that time was not too much information about the specifications of supply and the mere mention of the device smartphone is supported by CPU 624MHz (which is similar like the one on the BlackBerry Bold 9700), GPS receiver, 3G network with HSDPA and Wi-Fi.

Display screen BlackBerry Magnum (aka Dakota) is said to be resolution HVGA and sail touch what has been promised. This feature will use the technology PIEZO-elektric like the one on the BlackBerry Storm2. With this technology, would reduce dependence on the use of fingers.

The presence of the BlackBerry Magnum This may be as filling the gap between the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm/Storm2. Packaging full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen looks pretty promising. But unfortunately, so far about the availability and the price seems not officially be announced. Then how gait BlackBerry Magnum next? Well, we'll see about that
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VAN MOVIC said...

beri-berinya keren mas...

Hizrian said...

artinya apaan?
untuk apa hp mahal-mahal
hp 300 rebu juga gax masalah
yang penting bisa ngebloooooog

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