The Sims 3 PC Game Sales Dominance In the year 2009 then

You like to play the game The Sims? Have you tried the game Sims 3? Game is indeed quite interesting for those who love adventure in the real world because that theme of this game is like a human life in general where there is a ritual of eating, school, work and so on. You also can design your dream home through this game.

NPD Group recently has released statistics for the PC videogame sales in the United States in 2009 yesterday. From the results of this research itself shows that The Sims 3 was made by Maxis and published by EA sold more dibandingkangame World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

The result was somewhat surprising, but if we look at World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO game in the world, which a lot of game for fans. Overall, the PC videogame market shrunk by 23 percent during the year 2009, the following is also a gaming console market is also down 11 percent.

Of course, digital sales are not calculated from statistical tables and services such as Steam, Impulse, GamersGate, Direct2Drive and Good Old Games really shows the PC game sales will continue to fall.

With The Sims 3 and Wrath of the Lich King can take two main positions the PC game sales levels. As for his own position was also occupied three of The Sims 2: Double Deluxe. Now, for the fourth and fifth position occupied by World of Warcraft Battle Chest and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The original version of World of Warcraft itself can only occupy the sixth position. The next position followed by Spore, Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare, Empire: Total War. About the year 2010 will be dominated game apa yah? Hmmm, we'll see.
Source : www.beritateknologi.com
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mas doyok said...

saya mah game sukanya sepakbola aja PES :D

Berita Bola said...

I've tried these games, and was even addicted

Bang Salom said...

This game is very exciting, seemed to be in the game

udin ads said...

nice info I like game heheh


emank paling mantabh tuh game..

Amalia Resturini Junaidi said...

The Sims 3 !
Ga bisa2 gw install !
Kaset yg temen gue beli bajakan bgt kali y !

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