cube mp3 player

A stroll while enjoying your favorite music can make people forget the surroundings. Especially with the presence of high-quality audio devices, would add people to enjoy for long the resulting rhythmic pounding.

Various efforts to satisfy its customers must be a priority for existing manufacturers. Besides quality, the display devices need to be packed with dihadirkannya beautiful shape and has a special taste for its users.

In line with that of a company called elektronk Korean Triphos, just rolling the new product output is DoDoNa S-100 portable MP3 player that comes in the form of a cube. This device has 4GB of internal memory and supports MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC audio files. Its form seemed solid and cute looks.

DoDoNa device S-100 is equipped also with FM tuner, voice recorder, and alarm clock functions. In addition, also has a screen 1.1-inch OLED and integrated speakers.
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GudangBlog said...

sipss. deh.. heheh

manglews said...

Only 1 inch in size, the mobiBLU Cube is the world's smallest, full-featured digital audio player.All its features are very amazing like Flash drive storage,OLED display,
File format compatibility,FM stereo tuner & voice recorder,Rechargable Li-Polymer Battery.Mio Navman Spirit S500T

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