opera browser display change opera mobile for OEMs and Android version

By still active in the mobile application world, Opera Software has just reportedly announced that it has released the latest Opera Mobile browser made specifically for the smartphone. This application is now available on the handset distributor Android, Windows Mobile devices, BREW and smartphone Symbian/S60. This version is not yet available to the consumer.

Opera Mobile is a new version of the distributor is provided by the Norway-based company that developed the framework cross-platform UI is also being put together look with this mobile browser. Basically, I'll expect the same view will be used on any existing devices, even different operators and OEMs.

Now count 135 million smartphones have run Opera Mobile on mobile devices and different operators around the world. With the new interface planned new engine is also expected to enable OEMs and operators to build and to be used in a gang. Opera Mobile is also expected to be used also on Android device, even for the latest output even later.

Different from Opera Mobile, Opera Mini had previously been active on Android devices since November 2008. Later versions of Opera Mini 5 million will be available to the consumer, but the parties themselves Opera Software did not want to say when it will be implemented.
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van said...

ok deh opera emang cipp...

mas doyok said...

kalau di hp
saya juga pake opera
makasih infonya

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