nexus one of google will be marketed

The Mystery of the Nexus One phone in the end almost over. All the relevant specifications, including the price has been issued. And with it the Google also will hold a press conference on January 5, 2009, which indicates that the Google Phone will be officially launched.

Although mobile phone full specifications Nexus One has revealed its presence on the network as T-Mobile, but details of any price is still not yet published. And now the phone Nexus One will be marketed directly by Google them online for 530 USD (about 5.3 million rupiah). In addition, for every purchase of a mobile unit Nexus One, was accompanied by a contract agreement for 2 years (79.99 USD or about 800 thousand rupiah per month) with the assumption that the T-Mobile also will provide subsidized price of 180 USD or about 1.8 million rupiah.

If the purchase of mobile devices with Nexus One tariff plan, customers can cancel the tariff plan before 120 days have been determined and return both mobile devices or pay the difference. In this case the consumer would also be required to pay for 350 USD or about 3.5 million dollars for handset devices.

In this case, consumers can also purchase a maximum of 5 mobile device Nexus One per Google account. Google and HTC handle support and troubleshooting for the device and exchange, while the T-Mobile will handle the related support networks such as coverage, billing and so forth.

Based on the news circulating lately, mobile devices Nexus One will be available in early January 2009 while the subsidy T-Mobile will come into force in March 2009.
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Haxims said...

gambarnya kurang gede mas...

pengen liat detailnya...

Ardi Wijaya said...

wew,dari google....
emg nexus dari google??apa sponsor aja tuh,Gud???

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