gps navigation device entry-level for your car

To travel without the company of any GPS device must be less comfortable than using a GPS device. Moreover the GPS device is used nberkualitas GPS device, would be very helpful and expedite your journey later.

Accordingly, recently TomTom has launched a new GPS navigation device for cars vehicles known as the EASE. The presence of GPS devices are entry-level this time was intended to investigate the market in the United States.

The features included the presence of the touch screen is 3.5 inch 320 × 240 pixels with support for text-to-speech in it. EASE device has 2GB of flash memory and the presence of United States maps application that comes from Tele Atlas. Remarkably again, it turns out the GPS navigation device is supported by technology IQ routing and maps best routes.

In addition, compact and lightweight device is also presented TomTom Map Share feature. The existence of these features have been integrated Fold and Go Easy Port Mount which allows the device to fold flat.

Regarding availability alone, EASE TomTom device will soon be present at the beginning of the year is 2010. And attendance this time was colored with a choice of black and white color on existing devices. Um, you interested?
source article : beritateknologi.com
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ardi33 said...

boleh juga tuh,tapi kalo pake motor berguna gk yah?hehe....

Waktu Luang said...

Buat di jalan ya sob

Gudang Blog dan G-Jet said...

@ardi33 : bisa aja... hehehe
@waktu luang : iya sob... supaya ga nyasar

Pepi said...

Jiahh kalo masalah fungsi si uda nggak kawatir lg.... masalahnya sekarang adalah harganya berapa??

Adabelle said...

If you are using the GPS device for the first time, then
you should buy the entry level device so that you can
first get used to all the basic features and then you
can but the GPS device with all the advanced features.
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