Beyond b9000 : cheap wifi phone

1. Network: Dual ON GSM-GSM (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900)
2. Connectivity: WiFi, EDGE class 12, GPRS class 12, Bluetooth V2.0, Data Cable
3. Dimensions: 114 x 66 x 14 mm
4. Screen: TFT, 2.4 inch, 320 x 240, 262,144 colors
5. Phonebook: 1000 contacts with up to 4 numbers in the contact 1 can be added perkontak ringtone, photos, group
6. Trackball Navigation
7. 3.5 Audio Jack
8. Internal memory: 87.7 MB Micro SD Hot Swap
9. SMS ringtone can use the MP3;
10. Shake Control;
11. Slideshow;
12. ALT key = for characters and numbers above, left = aA button to move to the capital or small letters, aA key right = move character, key for sym = Symbol
13. Photo Editor
14. 2 MP Camera Flash Light
15. JAVA Multitasking
16. Indicator lights like BB can alternate colors

personally I think after a try
1. Form = High Copy 1:1 Blackberry BOLD

2. User interface
2.a. Main Menu: 21 icon with the Grid 6 x 3
2.b. Sub Menu: icons (multimedia, messages, application, extra, organizer, fun & games, setting) list
2.c. Desktop: shortcut icons can be changed: message, phonebook, calendar, services, multimedia, clock

3. Navigation =
3.a.Trackball (very comfortable) and burning when used;
3.b.kiri: Call; the menu button (there are similar logo logo Beyond BB)
3.c.kanan: End; Back

4. Shortcut body =
4.a.kiri: Audio Jack 3.5 mm; USB charger (data); Button Sound Recorder; Hot swap Micro SD;
4.b.kanan: Volume button; Button Camera
4.c.Atas: Lock and key hole Speaker
4.d.Bawah: Kait opening rear battery cover
4.e.Depan: Speaker; logo and name Beyond (like Blackberry); lamp indicator (there are 6 LED color pattern: 1. Pink red 2. Pink Green; 3. Pink Blue; 4. Pink Orange; 5. Pink Blue; 6. Pink Purple); keypad

5. Cover exactly the same batteries = 1:1 with Blackberry BOLD can even be replaced with a BB Bold; the glossy white material, the color black doff. A hole camera and flashlight.

6. Battery = 1400 mah 1 fruit

7. Memory =
7.a. Internal: 87.7 MB
7.b. External: dapet 2 GB

8. Messaging =
8.a. Standard: SMS; MMS; Chat; Email; Voice mail server; Broadcast Messages;
8.b. Bonus: --

9. The program installed =
9.a. JAVA: Multitasking: Opera Mini, eBuddy Beta, Facebook Mobile
9.b. Multimedia: Camera, Image Viewer, Video Recorder, Photo Editor, Audio Player, AB Repeater, Sound Recorder, FM Radio (must use a headset, there are 20 channels, can direcord), Schedule FM record, Melody Composer, and Slide Show
9.c. Organizer: Calendar, Tasks, Alarm, World Clock
9.d. Extra: Calculator, Currency Converter, Stop Watch, eBook Reader, Bluetooth, Games (air combat and mahjong), Motion Games (Dice)

10. Camera =
10.a. Home: No
10.b. Defenders: 2 MP Flash
10.c. Settings: Photo; Camera Settings (LED lighting, Shutter Sound, EV, Contrast, Anti-Flicker, Delay Timer, Continue Shoot); Image Setting (Image Size, Image Quality); White Balance (Auto, Daylight, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Cloudy, Incondescent); Scene Mode (Auto, Night); Effect Setting (Normal, Grayscale, Sephia, Sephia Green, Sephia Blue, Color Invert); Storage; Restore to Default

11. Others =
11.a. SMS ringtone can use the MP3;
11.b. After photographing can be in a. SEND as MMS, email or via Bluetooth - b. Can be edited (Auto Resize, Main LCD Clip, Manual Clip) - c. in DELETE;
11.c. More Alert Type: Ring only, Only VIB, VIB then Ring, VIB Ring, Light Only;
11.d. Comprised 10 ringtone 15 midi ringtone 5 spaces for mp3;
11.e. Image Viewer displays List or Matrix;
11.f. Soundrecorder format AMR, WAV, AWB, and can be used as a ringtone;
11.g. Shake Control;
11.h. Slideshow setting Type of Play, Speed, Effect, BGM, Horizontal View, Sound (3 music);
11.i. There is a content application icon Abocus (shortcut to the calculator), Notepad (shortcut to the Task), Password, SMSStoraged (shortcut to write messages), Video Record, Voice Record and Work (shortcut to the organizer);
11. j. ALT key = for characters and numbers above, left = aA button to move to the capital or small letters, aA key right = move character, key for sym = Symbol
11.k. Photo Editor of Photo Artist, Image Tiles (2 image tiles, 4 tiles image, 9 image tiles)

1. JAVA program is installed there are only 3 pieces when I first bought, so it should be willing to install their own
2. Bonus just 2 GB Micro SD T-shirts (not much)
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Dhana/戴安娜 said...

salam sahabat
wah perlu dicoba,thnxs ya mas...good luck

Dhana/戴安娜 said...

mas akbar dah saya pasang link friends-nya thnxs ya

yayan said...

aduh, kapan ya bisa beli yang kaya ginian. doain aja ya sob

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