Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS

Some functions of digital compact cameras to shoot point-and-shoot may have been taken over by another device, such as the recent camera phones become more sophisticated and capable of producing snap pictures that are not less good. But still, a special camera to photograph has a wider range of features and facilities taking a more complete picture. Examples of the diversity of features and facilities can be found in one pocket digital cameras released by Canon recently; Digital IXUS 200 IS.

As a pocket camera, IXUS 200 IS has a small and compact. Interestingly, the IXUS 200 IS is equipped with an LCD 3-inch size in the back with a touchscreen function. In addition to interesting, LCD touchscreen is large enough also to take some key functions of this camera. If you look at the back, there were few major key as the "Menu", "Playback", "Macro", and flash settings. Navigation and camera settings can be done through a touch on the LCD touchscreen, which is quite practical and fun. You can select the focus area by touching the field of shooting that appears on the screen when going to take pictures. To preview shots, after pressing the "Play", you just shake the camera a bit towards the top to see the next picture, or back down to return to the previous image.

With resolution as high as 12 MP CCD and processor DIGIC 4 image processor, Canon claims that this device will produce high quality images and more responsive than the previous series. IXUS 200 IS can also record HD video (1280 × 720, 30 FPS) and displays the result to the High Definition TV via an HDMI connector provided. This camera is equipped with 4.3-21.5mm lens with a 5x optical zoom, slightly higher than other compact cameras in her class.
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Jaka Utama said...

wah pertamax neh
btw nice info sob

manglews said...

Its very attractive and the result is also very fine.A digital camera with a large touchscreen that offers the ease of use of an Apple iPhone, but that also has a good-quality 5x zoom lens, automatic focusing, image stabilisation, low-light capabilities, electronic flash, and a high megapixel count.All the touch functions are useful.Mio Navman Spirit S500T

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