LG expo Marketed On Amazon With a More Affordable Price

Having a good mobile device with a more affordable price it becomes its own desire for many people. In connection with that, with the presence of mobile devices made by Motorola is likely to realize all your wishes for this.

Not so long ago since the introduction, the device made by Motorola cell phone has seized the attention of many people. Besides diusungnya features, this one device comes with a more affordable price of course .

Windows-based mobile phone known as the LG model GW820 expo this dibandrol for 49.99 USD or about 500 thousand dollars per unit with after-sales warranty for 2 years. For those of you who are interested, you can simply order it through Amazon-related sites. The actual price was for 99.99 USD or about 1 million rupiah. However, because consumers have cut $ 50 USD or about 500 thousand dollars as a gift certificate, then the price range is marketed in the Amazon to 49.99 USD or about 500 thousand.

Motorola mobile phone expo is a smartphone device that is supported with a 1GHz processor and Qualcomm's operating operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. The phone is equipped with touch screen display and a resolution of 3.2-inch 800 × 480 pixels, QWERTY keyboard that appears when sliding out, camera 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, microSD card slot and Bluetooth. That great again, this device could actually be used as pico projector to present images to the screen size of 40 inches.
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